Club History

The Centennial Internet Kiwanis Club was conceived by a few Governors-Elect from the class of 2013-2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana during the November 2013 training session. In January 2014, at the Service Leadership Program conference in Indianapolis, the club was formed.

The Charter ceremonies took place at the Kiwanis International Convention in Chiba, Japan on July 16, 2014. The club is chartered in Division 16 of the Pennsylvania District.

Our Charter officers were President Bob Raub (Pennsylvania District) and Secretary/Treasurer Brian Bell (Capital District).  Directors were Jim Smith (Indiana District), Diana Keplinger (Ohio District) and Hilde Meyer (Norden District). The Charter committees & chairs were: Technology Committee (Sepp Schachermayr, Austria District), Membership Committee (Serge F. Viau, Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District), Service Committee (Peter Zander, Australia District), Fundraising Committee (Gary Cooper, Carolinas District), and SLP Committee (Stephen Plank, Rocky Mountain District).

For more information on the cub formation please download the following document:

Notable Members of our club have included:


Dr. John Button 14-15

Art Riley 20-21

Katrina Baranko 23-24

Kuan Yong Lee 24-25


Tadao Oda 13-14

Sujan Shrestha 23-24

Peter Zander 19-20


Sepp Schachermayr 21-22

Martien Van Der Meer 22-23


Amy Zimmerman 23-24


Gary Cooper

Kip Crain

George Delisle

Fred Dietze

Chuck Gugliuzza

David Hurrelbrink

Vincent Salembier

Cathy Szymanski

2014-15 Leadership Team:

President – Bob Raub

President-Elect – Alan Guire

Secretary/Treasurer – Brian Bell

Directors – Diana Keplinger, Hilde Meyer, Jim Smith

2015-16 Leadership Team:

President – Alan Guire

Immediate Past President – Bob Raub

Secretary/Treasurer – Jimmy McCorlew

Directors – Jim Dane, Hilde Meyer, Jim Smith

2016-17 Leadership Team:

President – Jimmy McCorlew

President-Elect – Allen Ure

Immediate Past President – Alan Guire

Secretary/Treasurer – Anna Bruhn

Directors – Angela Liu, Bob Raub, Sepp Schachemayr

2017-18 Leadership Team:

President – Allen Ure

President-Elect – Jim Smith

Immediate Past President – Jimmy McCorlew

Secretary/Treasurer – Anna Bruhn

Directors – Jim Janosik, Angela Liu, Sepp Schachemayr

2018-19 Leadership Team:

President – Jim Smith

President-Elect – Peter Zander

Immediate Past President – Allen Ure

Secretary – Anna Bruhn

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Jim Janosik, Angela Liu, Judy Raub

2019-20 Leadership Team:

President – Peter Zander

President-Elect – Serge Viau

Immediate Past President – Jim Smith

Secretary – Anna Bruhn

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Jim Janosik, Judy Raub, Vincent Salembier

2020-21 Leadership Team:

President – Serge Viau

President-Elect – Sepp Schachermayr

Vice President – Jim Janosik

Immediate Past President – Jim Smith

Secretary – Anna Bruhn

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Brian Bell, Judy Raub, Vincent Salembier

2021-22 Leadership Team:

President – Sepp Schachermayr

President-Elect – Jim Janosik (also served as PA Division 16 Lt. Governor)

Vice President – Kathleen Moylan

Immediate Past President – Serge Viau

Secretary – Anna Bruhn

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Brian Bell, Vincent Salembier, Alida Wright

2022-23 Leadership Team:

President – Jim Janosik

President-Elect – Kathleen Moylan

Vice President – Danielle Desarmagnac

Immediate Past President – Sepp Schachermayr

Secretary – Judy Raub

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Brian Bell, Odence Rose, Alida Wright

2023-24 Leadership Team (Proposed):

President – Kathleen Moylan

President-Elect – Danielle Desarmagnac

Vice President –

Immediate Past President – Jim Janosik

Secretary – Judy Raub

Treasurer – Bob Raub

Directors – Odence Rose, Greg Wegrich, Alida Wright